Quality Services

Brokerage Services


MVS Transport provides brokerage services to a variety of clients who specialize in perishable goods. Destinations are available in both Canada and the United States. To learn more, contact us. 

Diversity of Products


From peppers and apples to potatoes, MVS Transport has decades of experience with shipping a wide range of perishable goods from various growing regions. 

Refrigerated Transport


All trailers used by MVS Transport are reefers, to ensure temperature control of all unique perishables delivered in each load.

Tracking Technology


Data-driven, GPS tracking technology is used to ensure carriers are on the most efficient routes during all seasons of the year. 

Temperature Recorders


To maintain a high standard of quality for perishable products. Temperature recorders are used to keep produce at the specific temperatures needed throughout their shipment. 

Commitment to Quality


At MVS Transport, we are committed to continuously improving our services provided and technology used. To ensure the highest standard of quality, reliability and safety possible.